About The Europeans 
The Europeans seeks to document the changing face of Europe through photographs.

Damaso Reyes is the principal photographer of The Europeans. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Damaso began his career as a photojournalist over ten years ago while still a teenager. As a young man of color growing up in one of the worst neighborhoods in America, he was fascinated by the way in which his community was portrayed in the media. As an adult he chose to pursue photojournalism in order to ensure that there was more diversity in the images that are presented to the public.

He has worked for institutions and his work has appeared in publications including: The United Nations Development Programme, The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Far Eastern Economic Review, New York magazine, Vanity Fair Germany, Der Spiegel and Time Asia. Previous assignments and projects have taken him to countries including Rwanda, Iraq, Indonesia, Tanzania and throughout the United States. He is the recipient of several awards and fellowships including a Fulbright and Arthur F. Burns Fellowship and two first place awards for international reporting from the New York Association of Black Journalists.

Kodak is the official film sponsor of The Europeans.