Sketches of Wien 
Thursday, January 10, 2008, 14:37 - Personal

So I have spent the last three days or so finally checking out a bit of the city. I havenít gotten that far but I have liked what I have seen. It has finally warmed up a bit here, the bitter wind which filled the streets last week has died down and even our friend Mr. Sun has made a few appearances through the clouds.

I bet it's warm inside... © Damaso Reyes

Now some of you may wonder why I am so sensitive to the cold, after all, didnít I grow up in New York, not exactly known for its balmy winters (although it did get up to something like 15 degrees Celsius yesterday)? I usually reply that I didnít like the winters there either! The two winters I spent living in Indonesia were wonderful and I didnít miss the changing seasons at all. But there is a deeper reason for my dislike of the cold, one that has its roots in my childhood.

I grew up poor. Not lower middle class or working class but honestly poor. There were times when I couldnít get new clothes for school, times when there wasnít enough to eat, we ate government cheese and living in subsidized housing with thin, single paned windows and heating that we couldnít control. All that meant that in winter the apartment was cold. We piled up blankets when we slept, which was fine at night but during the day there wasnít much we could do.

I remember actually sitting on the radiator cover when I was a child whenever the heat would come on in an attempt to let it soak in to help keep me warm for the hours when the temperature would drop while the heat was off. I remember sitting with my grandmother in front of an open stove, our hands up against a huge pot of water that we used to try to keep things a little more bearable. I remember taking long, hot showers and baths and dreading the minute that I had to go back into the cold of my own home. I suppose this is where my love of saunas comes from.

So for me being cold isnít simply about being uncomfortable, it is a reminder of hunger, of poverty and not being in control of the most basic parts of your life. So when the wind howls and the temperature drops I prefer to stay indoors, thank you very much.

Sketches of Wien... © Damaso Reyes

But as of late I have gone outside and today I took some photos. More like sketches really, which is how I think of the digital camera. I also took along my Leica and a new 75mm lens I brought just before I left (thanks Fulbright money, thanks!) you will see those photos as soon as I can find a darkroom to work in. So here are the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series of impressions of the cityÖ

Store cows. © Damaso Reyes

Lights and Wires. © Damaso Reyes

The Museums Quartier, where I live. © Damaso Reyes

Around the Bend. © Damaso Reyes

Crazy like a Fox. © Damaso Reyes

Down the steps and into the MQ. © Damaso Reyes
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Photography Jobs & Opportunities #6 
Monday, January 7, 2008, 21:12 - Commentary

So the internet is all about interactivity, right? Well part of the reason I started this blog was to interact a little more with people. As a photojournalist the usual model of interaction is one way from me to you when you see my photos in a newspaper or magazine. Of course you can post comments (which you havenít been doing by the way) or send emails (ditto). Now itís time to take it to the next level!

"Beer is God's way of telling us that He loves us and wants us to be happy." Benjamin Franklin © Damaso Reyes

So I would like to start having a virtual happy hour. The idea came to me a week or so ago but since I have Skype, I figure it would be a lot of fun to use it not just to chat or talk but to have a drink. This is the concept: we get online at the same time and you drink a beer, or wine or scotch or whateverÖ The key is that you have to have a webcam that way we can drink, talk and see each other! What do you think? I am currently taking reservationsÖ in the meantime here are your Photography Jobs & Opps of the Week!

Knight International Journalism Fellowship- New Media in Latin America

Knight International seeks an experienced multimedia journalist or journalism professor to develop a digital media center at a Latin American university. The Fellow will develop a curriculum, recruit participants and faculty, teach some courses, and oversee the center, which will work with professional journalists and media organizations to increase digital-media capacity across the region.The Knight International Journalism Fellowships program sends international media professionals to key countries where there are opportunities for meaningful and measurable change. Working with partner organizations on high-impact projects, they build skills and enhance the standards of independent news organizations.Qualifications and Skills:- Minimum of 10 years professional journalism or academic journalism experience required - Experience in digital media required - Fluency in Spanish required - Management skills preferred - Experience in Latin America preferred - Fellowship open to any nationality - Fellowship duration is a minimum of 18 months Application: To apply, please send a letter of interest and your resume to For more information, please visit our website at ... ault.aspx.


On March 1, 2008, in honor of Womenís History Month, Humble Arts Foundation, in collaboration with Ladies Lotto , will present ď31 Under 31: Young Women in Art Photography,Ē a month-long exhibition celebrating 31 of the most innovative young women in emerging art photography under the age of 31. No entry fee.
Humble Arts Foundation

The HOME NEWS is looking for a chief photographer

The HOME NEWS, an award-winning group of eight community papers covering the suburbs of Las Vegas, is looking for a chief photographer to shoot and oversee a staff of full-time photographers and stringers.

This position is about half shooting and about half management, coordinating photo assignments, editing and working with photographers and editors. Our photographers do it all, news, sports, features, portraits, sometimes all in the same day. We pride ourselves on strong community journalism and high-quality photography.

For the last two years, Suburban Newspapers of America has recognized HOME NEWS papers as among the best weeklies in the United States. And our photographers are routinely recognized for their work in state and national competitions.
Applicants must possess strong technical and editing skills and be able to contribute to a story with descriptive photos and cut lines. Must be organized and detail-oriented. We prefer a candidate with some management experience, but will consider a strong shooter looking to advance in their career.

A degree in photojournalism or a related field is preferred. Greenspun Media Group offers excellent benefits: medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401K, tuition reimbursement and more.
Interested candidates, please submit your resume, cover letter and salary requirements via email to

Greenspun Media Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Hear Ye, Hear Me.... 
Sunday, January 6, 2008, 15:13 - Project News

So before I left the States I did an interview with Inside Digital Photo Radio. I know, I mostly shoot film but I got a chance to talk about how digital and analogue systems can complement each other. Click on this link to go to the page with my interview (you can hear me in the second half) and click the play icon to hear yours truly!

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HCB Quote of the Week #18 
Saturday, January 5, 2008, 19:00 - Commentary

In case you were wondering it is still ridiculously cold here in Vienna but I managed to wake up early to go to the flea market, which as it turned out was walking distance from the MuseumsQuartier. There actually werenít that many vendors, not surprising given the weather but there was a very nice market where I brought some nice fresh pasta as well as tea. Sorry, no photos but you can use your imagination. Afterwards I met up with a local photographer Daniel K. Gebhart who actually has a studio here at the MQ. Well I plan on spending the rest of the day inside my warm studio but here is you HCB Quote of the Week!

Italian Hands in Switzerland. © Damaso Reyes

The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality. - Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Obama Takes Iowa While I Freeze in Vienna 
Friday, January 4, 2008, 09:44 - Commentary

It is COLD here in Wien but it was very hot yesterday in Iowa! I still havenít ventured very far, just out shopping and wandering a bit but this weekend I will head out to the flea market and snap some pictures and hopefully have more impressions to give you but at first blush I can say that the Austrians are much more laid back and relaxed than the Germans, which is a nice change of pace, I guess it must be because they are Southerners!

The future is now.

So as you all know by now Senator Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses last night by a wide margin. Of course there is still a long way to go but it was a victory that a lot of people did not count on. People questioned his experience, they wondered if he was ready. They felt that it would be better to go with the safe choice but it seems that more people were inspired by his message of hope and change than Hillary Clintonís message of experience and stability. Many of the Germans I talked to in the past few months felt that America would never vote for a black man. But Iowa, a state which is mostly rural and 95% white voted for Obama. As I said to a German many years ago ďAmerica is not a place, it is an idea.Ē

I guess that is why I connect with Obama. My whole life people in power said I was too young, that I wasnít ready, that there were more qualified people out there and then were amazed when I accomplished what I set out to do. And their criticisms where often right: I am too young, there are more qualified people out there but what I have, and what I think Obama has, is vision and passion. And those too qualities are sorely lacking in the world we live in right now. I have a vision of the world which can be better than it is. I believe that we have more in common than we do things that divide us. Finally I hear someone in public service saying the same thing.

And the man can speak.

If you donít believe me then listen to his victory speech from last night and tell me if it doesnít move you. Here is one passage that I particularly enjoyed:

ďFor many months, we've been teased, even derided for talking about hope. But we always knew that hope is not blind optimism. It's not ignoring the enormity of the tasks ahead or the roadblocks that stand in our path.

It's not sitting on the sidelines or shirking from a fight. Hope is that thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it and to work for it and to fight for it.Ē

The future is here and his name is Obama.

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First Day in Vienna! 
Wednesday, January 2, 2008, 01:38 - Travel

Hallo vom Wien and happy new year!

Memphis celebrates in Brooklyn. © Damaso Reyes

I left JFK international airport on the last evening of the year with some reservations. As some of you know traveling does stress me out, especially when I am going to a new city and country. All the unknowns and things you canít predict tend to weigh heavily on my mind; not to mention trying to get everything done before I head out. I also had a great month in New York. I got to see friends that I had been separated from for a year and spend time in my hometown. I was getting really comfortable but time waits for no man and so I got on my SwissAir flight and took off into the unknown.

The flight itself was fine though I didnít manage to get any sleep. I landed in Geneva where I had a short layover and then took a tiny turboprop that was so small my head touching the cabin ceiling to Vienna. Snow streaked the runway as we touched down and I already knew from checking the weather that it was going to be much colder than in NYC but I was prepared. The taxi ride into town gave me a chance to glimpse the industrial landscape on the outskirts of town which looked quite peaceful covered by snow.

It took a while to find the right entrance but I finally made it to the MuseumsQuartier where my apartment is. The guard on duty looked a little flummoxed but after consulting several sheets of papers and signing various documents I got my keys and was shown into my apartment. Again I didnít know what to expect but it is well lit and spacious, I will be very comfortable for the next two months!

Once I unpacked a bit I wandered around the complex, checking out the territory. One nice thing about this fellowship is that I will be in the heart of the city, where in Solitude I was surrounded by natured and had to commute to the city. I am looking forward to doing as much street photography as I can, though it will be pretty cold.

Tomorrow I will go shopping and run some errands so I hope to give you a little better sense of the city. Until then, bis bald!

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Happy Endings... HCB Quote of the Week #17 
Saturday, December 29, 2007, 22:14 - Commentary

The end is here!

The end of the year, the end of my time in New York, everything seems to be coming to a close right about now. It has been an incredibly productive year and I wonder what 2008 will be like. Will I finally settle down and find a place to live in Europe? How many countries will I visit? Will I find more funding? These are just some of the questions on my mind as I begin to pack up my life once again and head out to a foreign country. The next time I post I will be in Vienna but until then, here is you HCB Quote of the Week!

Beauty and Truth. Paris 2007. © Damaso Reyes

Reality offers us such wealth that we must cut some of it out on the spot, simplify. The question is, do we always cut out what we should? While we're working, we must be conscious of what we're doing. Sometimes we have the feeling that we've taken a great photo, and yet we continue to unfold. We must avoid however, snapping away, shooting quickly and without thought, overloading ourselves with unnecessary images that clutter our memory and diminish the clarity of the whole. - Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Merry Christmas 
Wednesday, December 26, 2007, 00:31 - Commentary

I hope that all of you are warm and surrounded by people you love. Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Damaso and Mariela making cookies! © Damaso Reyes
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Photography Jobs & Opportunities 5 
Tuesday, December 25, 2007, 01:24 - Commentary

It is Christmas eve so here are some presents in the form of photography jobs and opportunitiesÖ.

More, Please! © Damaso Reyes


Knight International Journalism-Health

Knight International seeks an experienced journalist with a background in health journalism to lead a high-impact, results-driven Fellowship in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Knight International Journalism Fellowships program sends international media professionals to key countries where there are opportunities for meaningful and measurable change. Working with partner organizations on high-impact projects, they build skills and enhance the standards of independent news organizations.Qualifications and Skills:- Background in health reporting required - Strong leadership qualities - Training experience is a plus - Experience in Africa a plus - Minimum of 10 years journalism experience - Fellowship open to any nationality - Fellowship duration is a minimum of one year Application: To apply, please send a letter of interest and your resume to For more information, please visit our website at ... fault.aspx


Grants for Artists in Central and Western New York State, Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts

The Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts annually awards grants of $5,000 each to writers and visual artists who live in the central and western counties of New York state. Grant recipients have used these grants in a variety of ways, including buying materials, preparing works for exhibit, and taking time to create new work. Grant categories change annually. For 2007, the categories are: painting; fiction; biography, autobiography, or memoir; and printmaking. All grant applicants must be at least twenty-one years of age and must reside in one of the following New York counties: Allegany, Broome, Cattaraugus, Cayuga, Chautauqua, Chenango, Chemung, Cortland, Erie, Genesee, Jefferson, Lewis, Livingston, Madison, Monroe, Niagara, Oneida, Onondaga, Ontario, Orleans, Oswego, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Tioga, Tompkins, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates.


Astraea Visual Arts Fund ... rants.php4

The Astraea Visual Arts Fund aims to recognize the work of contemporary lesbian artists by providing 10 support to those who show artistic merit and whose art and perspective reflect a commitment to the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justiceís mission and efforts to promote lesbian visibility and social justice. This year, Astraea will award three $2,500 cash awards to lesbian visual artists.


Residencies, Atlantic Center for the Arts
, New Smyrna Beach, FL ... _sched.htm

The residency program brings together three Master Artists from different artistic disciplines: visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, film/video), architecture, music (composition and performance), literature, modern dance, performance art, and theater for interdisciplinary dialogue. All Associate Artist applications are forwarded to the appropriate Master Artist. Master Artists personally select between 8 and 10 applicants to participate in the residency. The program includes master classes, individual critiques, opportunities for collaboration, and private studio time. The essence of the program is to provide a collegial environment for artists where they can engage in meaningful interaction and stimulating discussions, while pursuing individual or group projects. It is an ideal setting for the exchange of ideas, the inspiration for new work, and the cross-fertilization of disciplines. Multiple deadlines check website for schedule.

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HCB Quote of the Week #16 
Saturday, December 22, 2007, 14:14 - Commentary

Once again time seems to be moving far faster than I am. I can only say that I am glad that I have a month here in New York because anything less just seems like not enough. In some ways I suppose it is like a dream: every time I return to New York it is like slipping on a pair of old gloves. This city is perhaps the only place in the world where I feel totally comfortable; completely at ease. And now that feeling is slowly slipping through my fingers as I prepare to head to Vienna.

The German word for foreigner is Auslander. But it can also mean, and its root really is, outsider. It is a perfect word because that is very much how one feels there. The luxury of growing up in New York, the most diverse of all cities does not prepare you for the looks, stares and hostility. There is no fading into the background, slipping into anonymity for me; I am always on display. I suppose that is why the camera is so comforting; it allows me to return the stare. I suppose that I why I also have a number of images in which the subject is looking directly at the camera: I want the viewer to experience for a moment what I go through every dayÖ

They Never Stop Looking. Berlin August 2007 © Damaso Reyes

"What is photojournalism? Occasionally, a very unique photo, in which form is precise and rich enough and content has enough resonance, is sufficient in itself - but that's rarely the case. The elements of a subject that speak to us are often scattered and can't be captured in one photo; we don't have the right to force them together, and to stage them would be cheating... which brings us to the need for photojournalism." - Henri Cartier-Bresson. American Photo", September/October 1997, page: 76

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Internatioal Talk Like James Brown Day 
Thursday, December 20, 2007, 15:18 - Commentary

Stay on the scene, (get on up), like a sex machine, (get on up) © Damaso Reyes

One of the nice things about holiday time are all the holiday parties you get invited to. Itís a chance to catch up with people that I otherwise only interact with over email or on the telephone. I went to the Womenís eNews party last night and had a great time catching up with the editors there and meeting some new people. I always have a hard time striking up a conversation in a room full of strangers but the champagne definitely helped!

I spent the afternoon shooting with my new Leica around town. Kodak gave me a few rolls of their new Tmax 400 film so I decided to take it for a spin in Manhattan. Until yesterday it had been too cold to shoot for a while but it wasnít too windy yesterday so I walked up Broadway, photographed in Union Square and then took the train up to Times Square just as the light was beginning to fade. I will share the results with you next week.

In other news, my friend J. Jioni Palmer declared yesterday International Talk Like James Brown Day. He wrote: ďAs we approach the one year anniversary of the passing of the Godfather of Soul, I can think of no finer tribute to his memory. Whatever you say, say it loud!Ē

So, as the Godfather would say, Get on up!

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Photography Jobs and Opportunies #4 
Monday, December 17, 2007, 19:46 - Events, Commentary

So I brought another Leica! I know, two in less than six months is a little troubling but I do need two cameras, and I was made an offer I just couldnít refuse so I begged, borrowed and nearly stole to scrape together the cash to get another M6TTL this one with a .58 viewfinder which is ideal for using with the wide angle lenses I love so much.

My new best friend! © Damaso Reyes

The only trouble is now I have two cameras and one lens, not the ideal situation by far. See if you have two lenses and one camera you can swap the lenses, not ideal but manageable. If you are in my position basically you have one camera and one paperweight, until you find another lens. I already have my eye on one but as you can imagine I am a bit short of funds. So if any of you are feeling generous, or need a tax deduction before the end of the year, please let me know!

Now where is that other lens? © Damaso Reyes

With some good karma in mind, here are your photo jobs and opps of the week!

So lonely! © Damaso Reyes


Residency, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (JCAL)
, Jamaica, Queens, NY
For more information and guidelines call (718) 658-7400 ext.132

JCALís Workspace Program is tailored to support an artist in his/her creation and presentation of new works. Through the program, JCAL provides an emerging artist with a private, non-living studio space and access to JCALís office and studio facilities (computer, ceramics and painting) for a period of 12 months. The artist is awarded a stipend of up to $7,000 and offered to exhibit his/her work in JCALís gallery at the conclusion of residency. Professional artists living within commutable distance from JCAL (including New York Cityís five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk counties) are eligible. College or graduate students are not eligible. All media are considered for acceptance, including sculpture, painting, printmaking, ceramic, digital art, mixed media, installation art, video and film.


Fellowship for NY State Artists
, Constance Salons Foundation for the Arts, Ithaca, NY

Artists and writers who are New York State residents are invited to apply for month-long summer residencies at the 200-acre Salons Arts Colony in Ithaca, New York. The summer categories are poetry; fiction or creative nonfiction; painting, sculpture, or other visual arts; and photography. Five artists are in each session: one photographer, one poet, one prose writer, and two painters, sculptors, or other visual artists.


Studio Space Program
, The Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, New York, NY
Provides artists with studio space in New York City for a period of 1 year.


Seattle City Hall Seeks Exhibition Proposals

The city of Seattle seeks artist and community exhibition proposals for display in City Hall galleries in 2008. The 2008 exhibition cycle will begin in February.

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HCB Quote of the Week #15 
Saturday, December 15, 2007, 17:08 - Commentary

I like to joke that every winter I forget how hot it is in summer and that in summer I canít conceive of winterís chill. My stay in New York has been great but I have to admit that the weather has been a bit chilly. Not that it was warm before I left Germany, I guess the difference is that I am going outside a lot more. My time at home is halfway done and it is going by much too quickly. I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can by seeing my friends and wandering about. In the meantime, enjoy your HCB Quote of the Week!

Gone but not forgotten. Paris, October 2007 © Damaso Reyes

Memory is very important, the memory of each photo taken, flowing at the same speed as the event. During the work, you have to be sure that you haven't left any holes, that you've captured everything, because afterwards it will be too late. -Henri Cartier-Bresson, American Photo, September/October 1997, page: 76

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Birthday Reflections... 
Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 19:49 - Events, Commentary

Well yesterday was my birthday and I took the opportunity to take a little break from the hustle and bustle and just have fun. I had sushi for lunch and then went ice skating, a tradition I started last year. Then my friends Jimmie, Conan and Anna took my out for dinner at Peter Lugerís widely considered one of, if not the best steakhouse in New York. We ate creamed spinach, German fried potatoes and of course, a huge steak. I think I am still digesting it even now.

To be young and innocent. © Damaso Reyes

As some of you might know every time itís someone elseís birthday I ask them ďwhat do you know now that you didnít know a year ago?Ē I feel like it is an interesting question to ask since oneís birthday is an appropriate time to look back at the year and look forward to the next. So, what have I learned?

Well it really is true that just because you can doesnít always mean you should! I also learned that I need to make new friends, which I did. While what other people think is not the most important thing it still is important. Uncertainty isnít nearly as scary as it seems from the outset. I really do enjoy taking the train and I really do hate flying. And I can now speak some German.

Not bad for a year, hopefully 2008 will be even more educationalÖ

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Photography Jobs and Opportunities #3 
Monday, December 10, 2007, 17:13 - Commentary

Only one more day until my birthday! Thereís still time to order me a present ; ) Here are your Jobs and Opps of the week!

The Red Dress. NYC July 2007. © Damaso Reyes


For the first time, the FIGT conference is presenting work in all media from expat artists around the world. The presentation will be done on a power point programme and will be running throughout the conference time. Artists may enter no more than 2 pieces of recent artwork reflecting their lives as expatriates. No entry fee.
Natalie Tollenaere FIGT conference


The Commercial Appeal of Memphis, TN, is seeking a photojournalist.

Duties will include: Daily newspaper Online site In depth projects
The ability to generate and articulate ideas is a must. Spanish language or video skills would be a plus. Our editors value teamwork, community journalism and documentary photography. Show us a portfolio that highlights your personal vision.
Send a resume, cover letter and portfolio to:
Tajuana D. Hughlett Employment Coordinator The Commercial Appeal 495 Union Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 Deadline is January 3, 2008. No phone calls, please.
The Commercial Appeal is an equal opportunity employer.



Both artists and independent curators are encouraged to submit proposals. Exhibitions are scheduled on a six to eight week rotation. Group and solo exhibitions are possible. All media will be considered, including installation and multimedia work. Work may be paired with that of one or more artists in a small group exhibition. The proposing artist and/or curator in consultation with the Visual Art Director of the LAL will determine the final number of objects. Any artist 18 years or older. No entry fee.


Mike Deetsch
Lexington Art League
209 Castlewood Drive
Lexington KY 40505


The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities in collaboration with the District of Columbia, Department of Driver and Motor Vehicles is seeking an artist or artist team to design a specialty arts vanity license plate for the District of Columbia. The theme for the license plate is "Artistic License." The design should inspire residents and visitors to support the arts and help bring attention to the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. This call is open to artists who live in District of Columbia. Design Fee: $5,000. No entry fee.


DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities


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